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Get ready for the most anticipated event of the summer! The 2023 North American Sasquatch Conference is coming to the scenic Lakeside Motel and Resort in Trout Creek, Montana from July 21-23. Join fellow Sasquatch enthusiasts from all over the continent for a weekend of exciting lectures, interactive workshops, and thrilling expeditions into the surrounding wilderness.

Renowned Sasquatch researchers and experts will be in attendance to share their latest findings and theories, as well as engage in lively discussions and debates with attendees. There will be plenty of opportunities to network with like-minded individuals, swap stories and experiences, and explore the latest Sasquatch-related products and services.

But the real highlight of the conference will be the chance to venture out into the nearby forests and mountains to search for evidence of the elusive creature firsthand. Whether you’re a seasoned Sasquatch hunter or a curious novice, this conference promises to be an unforgettable experience for anyone with an interest in the legendary cryptid.

Don’t miss out on this unique and exciting opportunity to connect with fellow Sasquatch enthusiasts and explore the mysteries of North America’s most enigmatic creature. Register today and secure your spot at the 2023 North American Sasquatch Conference in Trout Creek, Montana!